Class Placement: Quality and Levels

Faculty, teachers and students alike will be held to the standard of seeking excellence for Christ.

Proper placement of students into the appropriate class levels is important in assuring quality training.  Class placement, based on age, previous training and development, is made at the discretion of the teacher and weACADEMIES Director.  The teacher may wish to interview or audition prospective students with previous training in order to determine the student’s proper class level.


Registration is first come, first served and class size is limited.

Once registered, a student/student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) are committed to pay, in full, for the entire class term, regardless of continued participation. Tuition is non-­refundable.  Credit will be given for doctor certified prolonged injury or illness only.

choose one of 3 payment options:

  • In full on or before 9/13
  • 50% on/before 9/13 and 50% on or before 1/3/2021; or
  • 9 equal payments on/before the 1st day of each month Oct. – May

Private Tutoring/Lessons:

  • Full monthly fee to be received not later the first lesson of each month of instruction

Camps, Workshops, in full with registration

Registration Forms/tuition payment may be put in the locked box outside the weACADEMIES Office (in the South Hall hallway), mailed to the address shown herein, or scanned and e-mailed to  If paying by check, please make it payable to WEAG, noting “DANCE”, and class/teacher/student names on the memo line.  Credit card payments may be made through Kindrid Online using this link – – and choosing “Dance Academy” as the recipient option.  Online payments should be made before or immediately after submitting the Registration Form indicating “credit card” as the payment option, and noting the date payment was made online.

Attendance and Tardiness

Please notify the instructor of any absence, illness or injury.

Classes will start and conclude promptly.  .  Students arriving late may be required to observe only — as dancing without adequate warm up may lead to injury.

Students should make every effort to attend class regularly.  Success and progress are inexorably tied to student commitment and practice — of which class attendance is of primary importance.  No make-ups are given for absences.

Lessons canceled due to conditions beyond ACADEMIES control (e.g. medical mandates or closures, weather conditions) will be held in virtual format when possible. When virtual classes are not possible, make-ups will be scheduled. Cancellation updates will be sent to students/parents by email, voicemail, or text. weACADEMIES will hold classes on Henrico and/or Chesterfield teacher workdays/school holidays that fall on Mondays.

Class Observation

Class observation will be permitted only on visitation days and/or by prior permission of the instructor. A class observation day is scheduled for February.

Dress Code

Students must dress in modest, neat, clean dance attire, per the below guidelines, with hair pulled back from the face.  Students should not bring or wear any jewelry to the studio.  The student’s name should be on all of his/her belongings — especially coats, shoes and ballet slippers.

Ballet and Pre-Ballet (Twinkle Toes)

  • tights (pink preferred)
  • pink ballet slippers
  • leotard (modern style, black preferred)
  • hair in a bun, if possible

Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, and Barre

  • any color leotard or fitted (modest) top
  • tights, leggings, jazz pants or yoga pants
  • black jazz oxfords for jazz
  • jazz shoes, dance flats, or character shoes for Musical Theatre
  • black, low-heel tap shoes for tap
  • dance sneakers/sturdy tennis shoes/aerobic shoes for hip hop

Modern, Expressive, Improvisation

  • any color leotard or fitted (modest) top
  • tights, leggings, jazz pants or yoga pants
  • bare feet


  • t-shirt, loose fitting pants or shorts
  • appropriate footwear

 Classroom Etiquette/Rules

Please don’t:

  • chew gum during class
  • talk unless called upon by the teacher
  • sit/lay down during class
  • lean up against anything during class
  • sit, lean, etc. on ballet barres.
  • text, email or make phone calls during class
  • whine, complain, or gossip

Please do:

  • arrive 10 min. early to warm up
  • be in the studio appropriately attired on time
  • dance — even when it’s not your turn, practice to the side
  • raise your hand and ask questions.
  • bring a water bottle filled with water
  • pay attention to the teacher