weDANCE Ensembles offer intensive training and ministry-focused performance opportunities for middle school, high school and college-aged students who commit to a prescribed level of Dance Academy training and to participation in weDANCE performance ministry projects.

  • weDANCE Advanced Ensemble is open, by audition, to advanced-level students committed to at least 2.0 weekly hours of paid Dance Academy training classes in addition to weDANCE Ensemble class.
  • weDANCE Intermediate Ensemble is open, without audition, to intermediate-advanced intermediate level Dance Academy students committed to at least 1.75 weekly hours of paid Dance Academy training classes in addition to weDANCE Intermediate.

What are the benefits of participating in weDANCE Ensembles?

  • membership in a group of peer dancers for training, mentoring, encouragement, and performing;
  • weekly skill enhancement classes at no additional charge (tuition free);
  • pre-performance rehearsals included at no additional tuition charge;
  • Occasional ministry-focused performance opportunities at no additional tuition charge; and
  • recognition by teachers/administrators of student’s commitment to focus on the study of dance;

Who will be leading and choreographing for weDANCE Ensembles?

  • weDANCE Ensembles will be overseen by the weDance Academy Administrator and creatively directed/organized by the weDANCE Company teacher(s) and choreographer(s) with the goal of providing the best possible training and performing environment through a well-balanced approach to artistic development, spiritual development and development of ministry purpose.
  • weDANCE teacher(s)/choreographer(s) will be responsible for the teaching of weDANCE Company lessons.
  • weDance teacher(s)/choreographer(s) and Dance Academy leadership will organize/oversee weDANCE performances.

Specifically, what extra performing opportunities will these students have?

  • Each weDANCE Ensemble class will perform one stand-alone number in the spring dance recital/production.
  • Each weDANCE Ensemble class may have a small number of skill and maturity-appropriate performances per year as opportunities arise. In some past years, performances have included Palm Sunday services, WEAG’s Fall Festival, at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, and at a variety of other churches and retirement/nursing home facilities.

How are students chosen? What are the criteria for participation?

  • No audition is required for weDANCE Intermediate Ensemble. Students fulfilling the 1.75 hour weDANCE paid class requirement (in addition to Ensemble) may participate in Intermediate Ensemble simply by adding this to their registration form in the fall.
  • Participation in weDANCE Advanced Ensemble requires that a student be enrolled in at least 2.0 hours of paid weDANCE Academy classes as well as either (i) complete a successful audition or (ii) receive an invitation (based on previous experience) from weDANCE leadership. Dancers who are selected from auditions will receive an invitation to participate from weDANCE leadership prior to the start of the class year.
  • Based upon skill, interest and performance opportunities, specialty performing groups of weDANCE students (e.g., duets, ensembles) may be formed for specific training and/or performance purposes

For more information, please contact Kathy Craddock